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Methodist Review Book List

Methodist Review Book List

This document is a compilation of all the books that have been listed as "Recent Publications" in the Methodist Review newsletter since the first issue in January 2011.

The list of books is arranged alphabetically by author or editor. The date in brackets at the end of each entry indicates the issue of the newsletter in which the book was first listed: for example, [2011-01] = the January 2011 issue of the newsletter. The list includes only complete volumes, not book chapters or journal essays, and does not include doctoral dissertations or other academic theses. Works published prior to 2011 are not included save in the case of a few reprint editions of classic works. Many of the works listed here may now be available in Kindle or eBook form; such availability is noted only when it was known at the first listing of a work.

The list, which includes almost 700 titles, serves to demonstrate the depth, breadth, and vitality of scholarly work in Wesleyan and Methodist studies and related fields during the past decade. The editorial staff of Methodist Review hope that the readers of the journal will find this book list interesting and helpful in their own work.

Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Resources

Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition, Duke Divinity School
Provides a variety of electronic resources, including online editions of John Wesley's poetry and hymn collections, John Wesley's undisputed verse, and Charles Wesley’s verse (now inluding all the surviving verse left in manuscript at his death). It also has an extensive list of links to other online resources and websites related to Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.

Asbury Theological Seminary’s ePlace
Provides a digital collection of research and writing managed by the B.L. Fisher Library of Asbury Theological Seminary. Among the growing collection of materials available here are the publications of First Fruits Press, the free open-access academic press of Asbury Theological Seminary, including the most recent edition of Kenneth J. Collins, ed., "A Wesley Bibliography" in .pdf, Kindle, and eBook forms.

Wesley Center Online, Northwest Nazarene University
Provides a wide range of electronic resources, including digital versions of many of the works of John and Charles Wesley and numerous other works related to the Wesleyan and Holiness traditions. Of particular interest is informaton about the activities of the Wesleyan Theological Society and the digital archive of the Wesleyan Theological Journal.

Methodist Archives and Research Centre, John Rylands University Library (MARC)
Provides access to numerous electronic resources related to Wesleyan and Methodist Studies. Established by the Methodist Church of Great Britain in 1961 to house the Connexional records of the Church.

Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC)
Provides information about the programs and activities and access to scholarly papers produced by staff and associates of the MWRC, which promotes and supports research in the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical tradition.

Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History (OCMCH)
Provides resources for scholars working in Wesleyan and Methodist studies, including the Wesley Historical Society library and the Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art.

The Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research (ACWR)
A working partnership formed by a number of Wesleyan theological institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand, the ACWR promotes and supports research on the life, work and times of John and Charles Wesley, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan tradition.

UMC General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
Provides information about GBHEM activities and print publications and access to numerous electronic resources and documents produced by GBHEM. 

UMC General Commission on Archives and History
Provides information about GCAH activities and publications and contains links to a wide variety of electronic resources related to Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.

Historical Society of the UMC
Provides information about the activities and publications of the society, including Methodist History, a quarterly journal of scholarly articles and book reviews on the history of the Methodist movement, and Historian's Digest, a quarterly newsletter for society members.

Wesley Historical Society [UK]
Provides information about WHS activities and publications, including a link to the online version of the Dictionary of Methodism in Britain and Ireland, which is an expanded version of the printed volume published by the Epworth Press in 2000 and has been produced by permission of the copyright holders, the Methodist Publishing House [UK]. The Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society, from Volume 1 (1897) to Volume 61 (2017-18), have been digitized and are now available for free online access.

Charles Wesley Society
Provides information about CWS activities and publications, including its annual meeting, and offers a helpful list of links to other related resources.

Wesleyan Theological Society
Provides information about WTS activities and publications, including its annual meeting, and offers a helpful list of links to other related resources.

Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies
Provides information about past and future meetings of the Oxford Institute, including online versions of many papers presented at sessions of the Institute since the first session in 1958.

The American Methodism Project
Provides free access to a digitized collection of interdisciplinary and historical materials related to American Methodism. The project is a partnership between the United Methodist-related seminary libraries, the Internet Archive, the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History, and the Methodist Librarians Fellowship. The project focuses upon described and published materials of American Methodism that are of value to researchers. Of particular note is the recently digitized version of Nolan B. Harmon, ed., Encyclopedia of World Methodism, available here: EWM Volume 1 and EWM Volume 2. 

United Methodist Studies: Basic Bibliographies
Online and downloadable version of the 5th revised edition of this valuable work, compiled and edited by Christopher J. Anderson and Kenneth E. Rowe.
An educational forum, edited by Mark K. Olson, that promotes learning and scholarship on the Wesleys and early Methodism. It provides both collected editions and early primary source materials to facilitate research on the Wesleys and early Methodism, along with scholarly articles in Wesley and Methodist Studies.


General Resources

ATLA Digital Library
Brings together digital collections of scholarly, historical, and cultural significance that are relevant to the study, teaching, and learning of religion and theology, including several focused on or related to the Wesleys and Methodism. Sponsored by the American Theological Library Association and the Association of Theological Schools.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)
Provides free access to an extensive collection of classic Christian writings, including a number of works by or about the Wesleys and other Methodist/Wesleyan figures. [NB: Access is free; site contains advertising.]

Reading Religion
This free service, provided by the American Academy of Religion, offers access to a searchable database of book reviews of works in the wide range of religious studies apart from biblical studies and related disciplines, which are covered by the Review of Biblical Literature (below).

Review of Biblical Literature
This free service, provided by the Society of Biblical Literature, offers access to a searchable database of over 5,000 book reviews of works in biblical studies and related disciplines; a subscription service (also free) is available offering email notification of the publication of new reviews in specified fields or areas.

Arts & Letters Daily
This free service, provided by The Chronicle of Higher Education, is widely regarded as the Internet's best source for culture and ideas, drawing together many of the most important news stories, critical reviews, political essays, and commentaries published online; it also provides links to an extraordinary variety of international newspapers, magazines, journals, columnists, webblogs, online radio stations, and the like. [NB: Access is free; site contains advertising.]
A free virtual library resource center that brings together in one place links to many of the best available online library and reference resources and provides access to a host of generally useful reference and research tools. [NB: Access is free; site contains advertising.]
Provides free access to an almost incredible range of online dictionaries, encyclopedias, and myriad other reference sources, including the day's leading news stories, popular search engines, and much more. [NB: Access is free; site contains advertising.]
Provides free access to nearly 200,000 reference articles from credible, published sources along with more than 50,000 topic summaries featuring related pictures, videos, and newspaper and magazine articles from around the world. [NB: Access is free; site contains advertising.]