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A new article has been published in the current issue of Methodist Review by Kenny R. Johnston: Perceiving Wesley: An Analytical Study of Epistemological Uses of Perception in John Wesley’s Theology.” Click on the “Current” tab at to access the full text of the article.

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There is a growing reevaluation of theological systems in view of current trends in religious epistemology. John Wesley, however, has often been sidestepped as a serious contributor to this discussion given the “folk-theologian” identity associated with his success. Against this tendency, I suggest that Wesley had a rationally grounded religious epistemology regarding perception that was consistent throughout his life. I suggest that he was heavily invested in rationally defending his theological system by defending his religious epistemology of perception and that the former cannot be had without the latter. Finally, I conclude that Wesley’s system, including his popular doctrines of grace, assurance, and holiness, needs to be reevaluated against these findings and that his system has value for the debates surrounding religious epistemology in today’s discussion.